I am someone with many interests. Such as:
• Staring out windows and daydreaming
• Writing stories and poems
• making movies!!!
• Drawing animals and making art

My dream is to write and direct one *great* movie. Or maybe a few hehe >:) Great is subjective, though...so I guess a movie I just feel really proud of and that connects with other people! (that's what movies are all about right?!?!?)

I am an animal enthusiast. I love all animals! Except mosquitos.
I have a horse that I like to ride. His name is Kenny. He is 21 though, which is kind of old for a horse.
I have two dogs whose names are Bruce and June. Bruce is small and annoying but very cuddly. June is large and elegant and puts up with Bruce.
I like to be outdoors. Sometime I hike and sometimes I bird watch (raptors and birds of prey are my favorites to see). But I also like to be indoors  because I love to write and watch movies and listen to music and be in my own world.

As you can see, I have MANY interests *LOL*
My therapist is helping me navigate this. I would be nowhere without medication and talk therapy :)

Also I LOVE movies! Did I mention that? *LOL* Almost Famous is my favorite movie.

Scroll down to read fun facts and some of my favorite things!


• Did you know in Almost Famous when Penny Lane asks William to go to Morrocco with her, his response "ask me again" was not in the script but made the final cut.

• Did you know Chloe Zhou only had a small crew of roughly 10 people on her critically acclaimed film Nomadland?

• Did you know Spielberg based Close Encounters of the Third Kind off real government research done by Dr. J. Allen Hynek (who makes a brief cameo in the movie), and that the character Lacombe was based on Jacque Vallée, a real UFO researcher!!


‍• John Cassavetes
• The Cohen Brothers
• Kelly Reichardt
• Chloe Zhou
• Paul Thomas Anderson
• Werner Herzog
• Alfonso Cuarón
• Charlie Kaufman
• Greta Gerwig
• Wes Anderson
• Noah Baumbach
• Darren Aronofsky
• Hayao Miyazaki


‍• Almost Famous
• Little Miss Sunshine
• There Will Be Blood
• The Big Lebowski
• Arrival
• Close Encounters of the Third Kind
• Little Women (1994 and 2019)
• Ladybird
• Her
• Nashville
• The Grand Budapest Hotel
• Y Tu Mamá También
• The Science of Sleep
• The Banshees of Inisherin
• A Woman Under the Influence
• Opening Night
• Children of Men
• Ordinary People
• The Wrestler
• Kes
• Rush Hour
• Police Story 1 & 2 (I LOVE Jackie Chan!!!!)
• The Rider
• Napoleon Dynamite
• Inherent Vice
• My Neighbor Totoro
• Shoplifters
• Galaxy Quest


• Did you that capybaras are the world's largest rodent? They are also semi-aquatic.

• Did you know that horses can live up to 30 years? (Domesticated horses, not wild horses. They usually live for 15 years)

• Did you know that opossums are marsupials? Marsupials have a pouch in which they carry their young (such as kangaroos)

• Did you know that peregrine falcons are the fastest animal in the world, reaching diving speeds of up to 200 mph!!! (they're also my favorite bird!)

• Did you know horses can't throw up?

• Did you know that whale sharks are actually fish? They are the largest species of fish! 

• Did you know jaguars have the strongest jaws of all the big cats. They can produce a force of up to 1500 psi! (aka REALLY STRONG)

• Did you know that the Mantis Shrimp can see in 12 channels of color AND can see UV and polarized light?? (We humans only see 3 channels of color!) They also have a crazy strike-punch they use to kill their prey. It's the strongest in the animal kingdom! That punch also generates a low pressure bubble that collapses and generates a heat hotter than the sun!! DANG!! 


• I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, people live there. It was a weird place to grow up. I am writing a movie about it!

• I am an Extraterrestrial / UFO / UAP enthusiast. If you just giggled or rolled your eyes, you've got some reading to do my friend!! A lot has changed. I think disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence could be one of the most exciting and consciousness-shifting events in our lifetime, if not for all of humanity!! 

• I am very interested in psychology. I have personally benefitted from reading and studying it!! I like to learn about myself and others and how we indefinitely exist in a meaty soup of relationships from which we cannot extract ourselves!!

• I like writing about people and relationships because they make up a large part of existing as a human on the earth. I use writing and movies as a way to reflect a version of reality back to myself in an effort to understand what it means to be alive.

• I suppose I use animals as a way to reflect reality/consciousness/relating too. I think we can learn a lot about ourselves from animals! I think we humans tend to be pretty anthropocentric (read: arrogant *LOL*) about things like emotion and intelligence and what not.

• If you couldn't tell already, I suffer from crippling existential depression! Again, shoutout to the mental health professionals who have been by my side 8-)