LO & EM was a Semi-Finalist in the ISA Table Read My Screenplay Competition!!


Feature Film Script (in development)

I am working on a feature film set in Las Vegas about two estranged friends learning how to become friends again despite having very different lives (one married and pregnant, one with a drinking problem and fresh off a breakup).

It's a relational, character-driven story. In the words of Kelly Reichardt, “a glimpse of people passing through.”

Along the lines of GARDEN STATE and LADY BIRD, LO & EM is a coming-of-age story that follows Lola, a young woman with a subversive nature, as she returns home to a Las Vegas suburb after a breakup. There, she reconnects with her estranged best friend, Emerald (Em), now married and an expectant mother. Confronted by the fact that they are leading wildly different lives, Lola pushes Emerald to explore old wounds and answer old questions. 

LO & EM asks the question: “Can we really understand each other?” Told from a female perspective, it’s a story of acceptance filtered through family dynamics, class dynamics, and mental illness. It’s threaded with magical realism and dark humor, and it offers a folksy view on a notorious city.


Short Film, 2022

I wrote, directed, produced, and edited my short film THE WEDDING PAINTING, completed in 2022.

Faye attempts to create a painting inspired by her upcoming wedding. However, just beyond the romance of her vision is the challenge of actually doing it. Alone and adrift in a time of unprecedented insecurity, Faye pushes to overcome her biggest obstacle: herself.

Check out the trailer!!!! Wanna see the whole movie?


Feature Film, 2022

I wrote and co-produced a feature film called MARISOL, completed in 2022.

MARISOL premiered at the Twin Cities Film Festival in October 2022. Our lead actress, Esmeralda Camargo, won the Breakthrough Performance Award. Neat!!!

Check out a clip below :) :)

When 17-year-old Marisol Rivera is accused of a crime the same night she finds out she’s undocumented, she flees her small Texas border town in search of her mother and a new life, but when the same forces of hate that drove her away turn on her family, she must choose whether to return home to confront them or continue living in the shadows.

Getting interviewed at the Twin Cities Film Festival! I'm on the right :) :) This was in 2022
WOW seeing my name on the big screen was something I'll never 4get!!!